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Monday, 19 September 2016

Hi all!!!hope you all doing good..Today am going to share you the beautiful collections of kanakavalli sarees.
Saree is my favourite course its not only for me..its for all Indian women.
Coming to South India Kanjeevaram sarees stand first for all women..The richness,uniqueness,traditionality,authentic look associated with kanjeevaram sarees makes every Indian Women to feel comfort and homely..Its nice to see the women gracefullness with kanjeevaram saree with big bindi,jewellery,and knotted updo with golden flowers.

Here are the few pictures of beautiful collections of kanakavalli..

You can reach them at

Hope you all enjoyed by reading..
I will be back with one more colourful post..dont miss it

keep visiting!!!happy reading my blog!!!!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Hello all...I just came through a beautiful online decor shop..called 'Sutra decor'.
Things i found here are attractive and reasonable.So here is all about sutra decor.

“Sutra”; exclusively dealing in high-end home décor export merchandise, i.e. designed and manufactured in India for top global brands in Europe and US.
Product range includes - Furniture: Entryway, consoles , bedside tables, French wardrobes, cabinets, coffee tables etc. - Décor: Wall décor, art and Mirrors, Vases, candle stands and holders, Accent sets and huge collection of exclusive decorative accessories.

From Bedroom to Kitchen, from Living room to Lounge area, they have everything you need to create a dream home and entertain in it.

You can connect to them by using the link  and also through thier facebook page.

I will come with next beautiful post..dont miss it..keep visiting blog.happy reading!!!!!


Monday, 12 September 2016

7 successful tips to be healthy

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Hello all..Hope you all doing well!!!
Welcome back after a long gap.Between how was Ganeshchathurthi..Hope i will listen from you all.
Well!!Here i am to give you 7 successful tips to be healthy.In this busy lifestyle try to make some time to be healthy,fit and fine.

Below are the 7 successful tips to be healthy:

1.Cultivate the habit of Walking daily as much as you can.Exercise daily.Use steps alternate to lift.

2.Drink green tea after your dinner before going to bed.So that you can reduce fat content in your body.

3.Cycling is really a good habit.Cycle atleast for half an hour daily.It reduces your weight also helps in blood circulation.

4.Use lemon and oranges in your daily routine.Citric acid contained in these reduces fat in our body.

5.Sleep for 8 to 9 hours daily.This is because lack of sleep results in increasing fat in our body sometimes.

6.Juice of wheat grass helps in reducing fat from our body.So cultivate the habit of drinking this juice.

7.Reduce the use of mobile phones and internet.

note:problems due to extra fat content in our body.
2.Blood pressure

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Astonishing bohemian interiors

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The term "Bohemian" is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic.
In modern usage, the term bohemian no longer refers to the Roma but can describe any person who lives an unconventional artistic life, where self-expression is their highest value; art includes acting, poetry, writing, singing, dancing, painting, etc.
Here am sharing you the uncommon,extrodinary bohemian interiors.the way they shuffle the artistic things is great..everything will be colorfull.Usualy they recyle the old things and give them a beautiful design.Thier aesthetic designs are extraordinory.

(the images used above are from various sources..donot use it for any commercial may result in a high payable risks)

Friday, 24 June 2016

Monsoon Garden blooms

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Rainy days are my favourite season from childhood..I always used to explore for small tiny flowers,leaves,creepers that comes only in this season..i am always a nature lover.I thank God for blessing me with this beautiful environment.I am just sharing the following pictures got through my camera lens this morning.


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Gorgeous collections by Ayush kejriwal

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Hello all..thought of sharing you some good clothing collections since many days..collections of ayush kejriwal are really gorgeous..color combinations he mixes with makes the look beautiful.

They aims to deliver design aesthetics with charm, wit and a craftsmanship, which finds a timeless audience. Bringing you feminine, classic, unique clothes with an aura of enduring cool. This carefully curated design platform counterbalances old and new styles to craft a wonderfully alluring whole.        

you can reach them at:

Facebook – AyushKejriwal By Ayush


Email – for more details.

Whats App – 0044 7840384707


Friday, 10 June 2016

mesmerising south Indian home designs

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hello...all..just came through few breathtaking south indian earthy home designs..felt like sharing with you all..see the creativity in this small which just the exterior portions made the home look so beautiful..the small garden,front portion,banana tree made the home look so neat and tidy..hat's off to the  designer

the two pillars used outside,position of windows,the contrast of bottom tiles,the pots kept outside looks so earthy.

sometimes the way the small things arranged together makes us so refreshing..the colour contrast combination of yellow and dark blue makes the hall aa time fresh and elegant.

Love the window used here and the baskets..all  together looks so pleasant.

(the images used above are from various sources..donot use it for any commercial may result in a high payable risks)

Thursday, 26 May 2016

beautiful nursery i came across

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When i was on the way to shop something i got stucked by a small colourfull creative green filled little world..haaa. though it was a little,the way the small things gathered looked so beautiful that any garden lover couldnot close the eye for a while..hmmmm yes i  am telling about a tiny beautiful nursery which i came accross.



 Look at the way the small pots are arranged so creatively...looks so refreshing..

 small patio house they have done using plastic and tree..

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