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yummy south Indian food recipes


Ibbani Hittu


sugarcane juice-1 cup
rice-1/4 cup
jaggery-depends on how much the sweet you require
black pepper-4
ginger-small piece
ghee-4 table spoon

Grind rice with cardamom,black pepper,ginger and keep aside.
keep sugarcane juice in a vessel on the stove.add jaggery how much you need. be stirring the mixture turn little brown.
Now add the mixture which you had grinded before and  be stirring the layer leave the bottom of the vessel.you should get halwa like mixture.
then add ghee how much you need and add little salt(half tea spoon) and stir.
Now pour this on a plate.(ghee should be applied to plate before).
Leave  it to  cool for few minutes.keep inside fridge and taste it.yummy!!!

note:this is  very healthy food which has lots of health benefits.
sugarcane juice and pepper-helps in reducing heatness from the bod.
ginger and cardamom- helps in digestion.
this sweet is very helpful for diabetes patients.


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