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10 Effective ways to become slim

Who doesn't want's to be slim?People work hard to reduce weight.But sometimes doing all those doesn't give any result.

So for that, if we do some changes in our daily life we can reach out best results.So following are the few effective tips to be slim and to be active in our daily activities.

  • Start your day with warm water added a spoon of lemon juice and a spoon of honey.Lemon juice and honey helps in reducing excess fat from our body.Honey also gives strength to our body.

  • Cultivate the habit of having ragi in your breakfast with fresh vegetable palya.Ragi gives calcium content to our body and also it reduces hungriness. Ragi is the best food for good health.

  • Increase the content of pudina,coriander leaves,sambar leaves in your food.Reduce fried food.

  • Drink more carrot juice.

  • Use dried ginger,black pepper,dalchinni in your sambar(curry).these products helps in reducing weight.And also have more drumstick and bitter guard.

  • Keep the habit of walking daily both in the early morning and evening.

  • Have oil massaged before taking bath at least once a walk.it gives freshness to your body.

  • Have rice content more in your daily food than wheat.Rice keeps your body active.

  • Reduce having refrigerated food.Increase the content of fresh food in your food.

  • Its better to sit on floor rather than sofa's.  Sitting and standing reduces fatness.

If you follow all the above steps sure you will get the best results in loosing weight without any expense.
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