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Benefits from fruits

Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness
-Edward Stanley

To keep us healthy, fruits plays an important role.it gives taste as well as acts as  medicine against diseases.Here are the uses of few important fruits.

it gives the strength to body to fight against the diseases.
it keeps away kidney related,liver related,blood pressure related,heart related problems.
By having pomegranate juice with little honey reduces head ache.
It fights against the breast cancer.

By eating it,gives strength to muscles.
By having the stem of banana plant with curds keeps away from kidney stone problem.
Also by having the mixture of boiled banana flower with curds an d little salt,it helps women by excess bleeding during periods.
it helps people those who suffering from motion related problem.

 straw berry:
it helps in reducing weight.
It also fights against cancer.

Having it after meals helps in digestion.
It also fights against cancer.

Its good for eyes by drinking orange juice.
it gives charmness to skin.
By having it daily can keep cough and sneezing problem away.
By having this juice with little honey,keeps heart related problems away.
According to the research lemon is a miraculous thing.
It fights against cancer.
It has a capacity to fight against diseases.
By drinking lemon juice with honey,soda and salt reduces head ache,faintness.
It helps in digestion.
It also helps in reducing weight and good for heart related problems.

it keeps skin cancer away.
Black grapes removes the excess fat from our body and keeps away blood pressure and  heart related problems.

it helps in reducing sneezing,coughing problem in children.
It reduces large intestinal cancer.

It cures injuries.
It avoids urine related problems.
It gives strength to bones.
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