skin care at home using gram flour

Instead to spend lots in parlors for facials to get a beautiful skin,its  better to use home remedies to get charming face without spending money and  time.

  •  Gram flour is the best facial product,it acts as a natural goes deep into skin and removes the dirtiness  and dead cells from the skin and tightens the use gram flour to wash your face twice a day instead soap.
  • To avoid pimples use gram flour with sandal and milk and apply it on pimple.
  • Add little curds,milk cream,turmeric,spoon of lemon juice,little sugar or honey to gram flour and apply it on face and wash it after half an hour with cold brightness your skin.
  • if yours is oily skin gram flour removes oiliness from your skin.

  • if yours is a dry skin use moisturizer after using gram flour.
  • to get the skin smoother use the paste of gram flour,milk,orange juice on your face.massage towards upwards and leave it for 15 min..then wash your face..
follow above tips and see the difference...[image credit]

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