5 Benefits of exercising

If our lifestyle is good lifelong smile is ours..if we are active throughout the day  our mood will be always good..
Everyone knows that the exercising is good for health..there are different types of exercising .it may be aerobics,swimming,yoga,dancing,jim,walking,cycling..etc.its all depends on us.
so,then what are benefits of exercising..

1.proper weight
  • Exercising reduces fat contained in our body.
  • Exercising kills unnecessary calories from our body.
  • if our body weight is proper,then body shape will also be proper.

2.fight against diseases
  • Exercising avoids heart problems,blood pressure, diabetes.
  • its better to do exercise than taking tablets throughout the life.

3.it changes our mood
  • Exercising also keeps our mood proper within the stressfull life.
  • Exercising reduces the tiredness.

4.Gives energy
  • Exercising gives energy to the body muscles.
  • Blood circulates throughout the body,so oxygen will be supplied to all the tissues in large amount.
  • Exercising helps the respiratory system to work properly.
  • Exercising also gives energy to body to fight against diseases.

5.Good sleep
  • Exercising gives good sleep to body.
  • so that good sleep keeps the body active throughout the day.[image credit]

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