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Exclusive antique jewellery collections-M.P. SWARNA MAHAL

A name that evokes history, quality and commitment. A name that evokes the exquisite fires that gold and diamonds inspire in the heart. They, at M.P Group, have been providing you with gold and diamonds for over 100 years. The Late Shri.Lal Chand Mangal Chand Bantia, established a presence in the year 1902. The showroom was among the first and the oldest. Their fame for quality and being on the leading edge of fashion in 22 carat gold and diamonds from all over India has been built on dedication to our client's expectations.

The tradition of excellence is being carried forward today by Sanjay and Vimal. They are specialised gold, diamonds and silver sections, in the showroom, to offer you a wide variety to choose from.

contact information:
1.Richmond road
26,Richmond road,
T:080 2221 8606,22220078

opp.cosmopolitian club,3rd block,Jayanagar
T:080 4165 4396


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