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ideas for interior design

Interior decorating is is become as  important as constructing new home nowadays.
The changing tastes,technology,vastu has made  interior design  important.
Here are few interior decorating tips which may help you:

1.What we call Living room mainly which we use to invite guests must have some important things like wall color must be good,can use art pictures on wall some antique things etc.

2.Its good if we use art pictures which is in the concept of greenery .It makes the room to look color full.

3.Paintings makes the room adorable.But make sure paintings must be unique,attractive.Go for tanjore paintings or glass paintings.

4.If you have  photos of olden days black and white make frame for those which shows your creativeness in choosing frames.

5.Choose the color of the paintings which  opposites wall color.

6.Choose the colors to your kids room that inspires them to be active.

7. Do not use the things that are sharp in kids room.Use the things related to patriotic,courage,affection in their room.

8.Use less furniture in kids room.so that it will be specious for them to play.
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