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simple steps to prepare karjikai(south indian food)

maida 1 cup
peni rava 2 spoons
sugar as you need
Desiccated coconut/Kobbari/Copra
sesame seeds 100 gms
poppy seeds (gasagase) 100gms
cooking oil to fry

take a pan.put sesame seeds and fry.when it turns golden brown take it away.
now put gasa gasa(poppy seeds) to pan.when it turns golden brown take it away.
now take a mixing bowl.put sesame seeds,poppy seeds,sugar,grated coconut and mix the contents well.keep this mixing bowl aside for later use.
Now ta maida  in a vessel.Add peni rava and little oil.mix this contents well with little water..
The dough should be slightly harder than the chapati dough; Knead well and keep aside.

keep this for half an hour.

Make small balls from the rava-maida dough and roll them into small circular pooris.
Make sure the pooris are not too thick
Now add the filling content to this little pooris and fold it and keep in this machine and press.

now you will get karjikai shapes.
now fry this in oil..when it turns little brown take it away..
karjikai is ready to have now!!!

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