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we can control fat,weakness without expense by walking.

1.Walk for at least half an hour daily to keep your body fresh and active.

2.keep particular time for walking. At least for 6 days in a weak.

3.walk for 5kms daily in the evening or in the morning..keep the target for covering 1 kms in 10 min.

4.walking is good for heart related problems.it controls blood pressure and helps in blood circulation.

5.walking keeps your body active and also gives charmness.

6.walking controls headache and laziness.

7.walking gives strength to leg bones.

8.By walking 150min in a weak controls diabetes.

9.Walking helps in keeping away breast cancer and lung cancer.

10.walking is better than jogging.

11.walking can be done by the people of any age.

12.walking can be done without cost of expense.
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