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5 Real ways of making money online


As internet is becoming famous day by day there are lots and lots of ways to make money online and lots of oppurtunities to work from home especially for women.
Internet is not only for entertainment and for browsing,if we use it efficiently we can earn money through internet by sitting at home.
Here are 5 real ways for making money online.

1.selling quality snaps through online:
 If you are a good photographer,you can sell snaps through internet and you can earn money through internet easily.There are lot many sites like http://www.shutterpoint.com/ , http://www.istockphoto.com/
By registering with these sites you can sell snaps which you have clicked.they accept your snaps Only if they are of best quality. In case if your snaps are accepted by them you get 15% to 18% royalty.

2.Develop your own applications and sell:
 In this generation of smartphones there are many oppurtunities.if you have good computer knowledge and good at operating system you can learn how to develop applications through online.you will get lot many free tutorials on internet.Once you develop any applications you can upload them to related stores and can earn money.

3.sell old things through online:
 If you have any old things in your home or nearby you can sell those things through internet.There are few sites like http://www.quikr.com/ . you can give advertisements of your things through this site.
Give the details of those things and if people may like those things they will directly purchase it and you will get money.

4.Online shop:
 If you are a good artist you can create some paintings or some other crafts and you can sell these through internet.There are few sites like http://www.ebay.in/ , http://www.indiebazaar.com/  through which you can sell.sign up process will be very easy in these sites.

5.Language translating:
If you have holding on English and any other two languages,you can work through internet as a language tranlator.You can translate magzines or any other articles.You can do this by registering in any of the trustable sites.

Note:Register in the sites only which are trustable.There will be many fake companies which will make use of your money.So dont register to those sites which asks for money.
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