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home made cake easy recipe


you can prepare this cake in ten min.no need of oven.sure children are going to love it.

1 cup of eggs(any no of eggs that must fill a cup)
1 cup of maida
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of butter
half table spoon baking soda
half table spoon salt

take a vessel which is little wide.
add 1 cup of eggs,1 cup of maida,1 cup of sugar,1 cup of butter,half table spoon baking soda powder,half table spoon salt.
blend this mixture nicely with blender or in hand.
when blending is done with,keep this in a stove.close the vessel on stove and close the top with plate.keep firewood pieces on this plate.allow it to bake.open after ten min.
now yummy cake is ready to have.


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