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Hot and tasty bitter gourd(hagalakai) palya

bitter gourd 1(which is sliced)
butter milk 3 big cups
onion half
grated coconut half small cup
garlic 4 pieces
jeera/cumin seeds 5 seeds
turmeric 1 spoon
tamarind juice 2 spoon
coriander powder 1
chilly powder 3 spoons
jaggery as much you need
salt as much you need

for tampering:
cooking oil 3 spoons
garlic 4 pieces
onion half
mustard seed 1 spoon
jaggery as much you need
red chilly 4

Soak bitter gourd in butter milk for a day.after 1 day take out the bittergourd slices.
keep this on stove in a vessel with 2 cups water.let bittergourd boil fully till water dries.now keep this aside.
In a mixi jar take coconut,onion,garlic,turmeric,tamarind,chilly powder,coriander powder,jeera,little water and grind well.keep this content aside for later use.
now take a vessel,keep on stove,add oil,mustard seeds,onion,red chilly,garlic and stir well..till onion turns golden brown.now add bitterguard and stir well.
Add grinded coconut content and stir well..
now add jaggery and salt as much you need.stir.
leave for ten min.
now hot,yummy,tasty bitterguard palya is ready to have!!!!
serve this hot with  akki rotti,chapathi or rice.


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