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hot,spicy,tasty,healthy idikadale(chick peas) palya


idikadale(chick peas) 1 cup
onion 1
garlic 1
green chilly 4
tomato 1
capsicum 1
grated coconut 2 table spoon
salt as much you need
mustard seeds 1 table spoon
sambar leaves 5
lemonjuice 2 table spoon
coriander leaves
cooking oil 4 table spoon

Rinse idikale for two days with water.
after 2 days take off idikadale(chick peas) from water..
now take  a vessel.keep it on stove.add cooking oil,when its become hot add mustard seeds,sambar leaves,garlic,onion and stir.
when onion turns little brown add tomato and green chilly and stir well,now add capsicum,idikadale(chick peas) and stir well.Allow this to boil for few min.if you add water to boil properly.
once everything is boiled properly add salt,coconut,lemon juice and stir well.add coriander leaves and allow to boil for five min.
now hot,spicy,tasty,healthy idikadale(chick peas) palya is ready to have!!!

serve this hot with dosa,rotti,rice..

this chickpeas(idikadale) is very healthy food


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