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7 successful tips to be healthy

Hello all..Hope you all doing well!!!
Welcome back after a long gap.Between how was Ganeshchathurthi..Hope i will listen from you all.
Well!!Here i am to give you 7 successful tips to be healthy.In this busy lifestyle try to make some time to be healthy,fit and fine.

Below are the 7 successful tips to be healthy:

1.Cultivate the habit of Walking daily as much as you can.Exercise daily.Use steps alternate to lift.

2.Drink green tea after your dinner before going to bed.So that you can reduce fat content in your body.

3.Cycling is really a good habit.Cycle atleast for half an hour daily.It reduces your weight also helps in blood circulation.

4.Use lemon and oranges in your daily routine.Citric acid contained in these reduces fat in our body.

5.Sleep for 8 to 9 hours daily.This is because lack of sleep results in increasing fat in our body sometimes.

6.Juice of wheat grass helps in reducing fat from our body.So cultivate the habit of drinking this juice.

7.Reduce the use of mobile phones and internet.

note:problems due to extra fat content in our body.
2.Blood pressure

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