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7 successful food habits over the age 40


Hello all!!!
Today i thought of sharing a post about the 7 successful food habits over the age 40.

What i feel is over our 30's, because of our family responsibility and restless life, we give less importance to our health and food.

And once we reach 40 because of stress,improper food timings,change in food habit,imbalance in hormones increases fat content in our body.So by this time everyone cultivate the habit of exercising.while exercise is always good,along with that we should always give more importance to our food habit..
Especially for women giving importance to health over the age 40 is much essential due to imbalance in hormones.
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 So here are the best 7 steps to be followed over the age 40:

1.Make sure your lunch plate is covered with more green vegetables and fruits instead meat..Because meat contains more calories than the vegetables.
After your vegetarian meal you feel lightweight stomach,while this is not in case of non-veg meal.
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2. Usually people skip their breakfast once they gain weight..but this is not the right way..if you start skipping your breakfast then you will have your lunch in large quantity.so in your breakfast consume the food with 75% carbohydrates and 25% protein.

3.Consume less quantity of sugar in your coffee or juice..this reduces fat content in your body and you can be away from diabetes.

4.Keep yourself  away from alcohol as it is high in calories and also it increases the hungriness  of stomach..so alcohol is always human's enemy.

5.Don't forget about your daily exercises in your busy life..Walking and yoga are always a good habit.It gives more energy and also a good sleep.

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6.Don't eat too much of fried foods in your tensed life.it may reduces pain for temporary..
Instead of having those kind of heavy food, read some good books,walk,listen to good music.

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7.Sleep for at least 7 hours..don't neglect sleeping hours..it always keep our body active.

1.Always check your sugar level,cholesterol level,blood pressure level over your 40's.

2,Have your lunch within three in the afternoon and have light food in the night.

3. Do not have fried food. Poori tastes more yummy than chapati.But chapati is good for health..now you decide what to have?

4.Be more active after 40 ..Dont be depressed..always have a good friend to share your thoughts.


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