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Mahabharata inspired 'Epic' Collection by fashion jewellery label 'Unniyarcha'

Hi all..Today am here with the beautiful collections of "Unniyarcha" jewellery.
Hmm mm.... the name sounds strange right..yes here is the story behind this beautiful brand..

I was just stopped by the unique Unniyarcha's epic collection..So i am going to share this post with you all.
fine lets start with the story of "Unniyarcha".

Hello!!! Ms. Divya Nambiar(Founder & Creative Head, Unniyarcha),
welcome to  Creatively carved life.

1.Let's start by the introduction..Why the name Unniyarcha?

When the label was being conceptualised, the horrifying Nirbhaya rape case had just occurred and its gruesomeness had shaken me up deeply. Thus, I wanted a name for my brand that would showcase women as glorious fighters rather than as victims who are to be pitied.

 I grew up listening to the stories of Unniyarcha, who was an immensely beautiful and legendary warrior of 17th century Malabar India. Known for her grace and valor, adorned in jewels and armed with a fierce spirit, Unniyarcha has been an inspirational figure for me all my life.

So, I decided to dedicate my venture to this legendary woman who is a symbol of beauty, grace, bravery and female ability and want my customers to be proud of the brand’s heritage and feel as gloriously beautiful and strong as the legendary warrior it is named after.

2.Tell us more about your creative process of Unniyarcha?

I launched this brand with a vision of creating unique jewellery pieces that would reflect the various facets of a woman’s personality – bold and graceful, beauty and strength, timeless and a current. Through Unniyarcha I want to offer jewellery that can be worn on multiple occasions and would go equally well with a traditional outfit as well as a modern ensemble.

 I want Unniyarcha to be known as a jewellery brand which is ‘accessible exclusively but aspired universally’.

The Unniyarcha collection is available in the top designer stores in Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai.
We also cater to a large online customer base through our website, ‘www.Unniyarcha.com’.
The collections on our website are divided into two categories - ‘Limited Edition’ and ‘Express’.

The Limited Edition collections, designed exclusively by me, are inspired by themes and only a limited quantity of each design is made. All designs are handmade, with 18k gold or silver plating and the stones ethically sourced.
Whereas, the Express collection consists of a wide range of jewellery pieces that are curated and handpicked globally by me and my team.

My first Limited Edition collection, the Epic Collection, is inspired by the characters of Mahabharata. The collection is my ode to the amazing epic and the many colours it shows within each of its numerous stories.
With the second Limited Edition collection, named as the ‘Samskaara’ collection, launched recently, I am planning to come up with some exceptional collections 4-5 times in a year.

Customer satisfaction and quality are the two pillars on which the foundation of the company has been laid. Thus, the entire team at Unniyarcha adheres to the motto of giving the best quality products and services to each customer.

3.What made you to start Unniyarcha? Do you enjoy working in this platform?

Making a career in the design industry was not what I had envisaged and being a meritorious student, opted to pursue post-graduation in Finance from Columbia University.

While I was doing well on the professional front, I often felt that my life lacked a creative element.
One morning while walking through my father’s manufacturing facility, the sunlight falling on a pile of scrap metal drew my attention and I was fascinated with the way rainbow colons were being reflected in that piece of metal and could immediately visualise a variety of designs using different colour combinations. That was a defining moment for me as I realised that creating unusual art pieces is what makes me the happiest.

Moreover, during my stay abroad, I observed the absence of renowned Indian brands. Indian craftsmanship being superior to many other countries, I felt that Indian jewellery brands had a great scope globally and therefore decided to start a jewellery label with the intent to make it an internationally recognised brand.
With my father’s encouragement I decided to venture into the field of designing.

 I chose jewellery designing because that was the area of designing I found most fascinating.

4.Where do you want to see Unniyarcha in next five years?

So far the customer response has been phenomenal and currently, all my focus is directed towards increasing the brand’s online customer base.

Within the next five years I plan to take the brand to international markets, especially in the UAE and Europe, through the website as well as entering into partnerships with high-end design stores.

Thanks  Ms. Divya Nambiar for being with the part of this post...and sharing the great story behind this collection..Hope all your dreams come true and i wish all the best for your future plans..thanks once again

happy reading!!!!keep visiting!!


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