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10 best and easy tips to care for your shoes

Hello all!!!

Footwear in our daily life is not only meant for our legs..it is also become a passion.A good beautiful sandals with beautiful dress makes everyone to look prettier.It also gives new look to our dresses.

But to keep our shoes clean is also a tough job in our busy routine..so below are the 10 best and easy tips to care for your shoes.

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1.Applying baking soda inside shoes and slippers avoids bad odour from it.

2.Before polishing your shoes,wipe shoes with dry cloth.Dip the shoe brush in water and  then apply shoe polish..it increases the shininess of your shoes.

3.Wipe your black or brown shoes with the cloth dipped with lemon extract..it gives shininess to your shoes.

4.When you got a new shoes wipe it with lemon extract and keep under sunrays and then polish your shoes.it gives more shininess.

5.To avoid dryness of footwears in summer, apply coconut oil or vaseline..it avoids dryness.

6.If your child's shoes is become more dirty,wipe those with potato piece and then polish them with shoe polish.

7.If your footwear is become wet in rainy season,keep newspaper inside them,so that it absorbs water.

8.Dont worry if your child's shoes is little large,keep cotton inside shoes front.

9.To remove dirtness from shoes outer sole,wipe the outer sole against washing stone.

10.If there is shoe biting from your new sandals,apply coconut oil during night.

Hope the above steps are useful for you all.

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